About The Padded Cell

The Padded Cell

When haute couture meets the avant-garde, and they ride off on the back of a Harley-Davidson … that’s the inspiration behind the spectacular line of metalworks and fashion accessories spawned by The Padded Cell’s masterminds “JR” and Dan Banda.

For JR and Dan, creating and promoting art, fashion and furnishings isn’t just a fantasy … it’s an iron-clad reality. Whether it’s their line of purses – which has caught the attention of The Museum of Modern Art in New York – or works made from precious metals and heavy metals – including furnishings and décor in Detroit’s epic landmarks like the Guardian Building – each creation is specially designed to take you on a journey, from places that are comfortable and familiar to the darkest recesses of your imagination. 

The Padded Cell collaborates with artists who are just as eclectic as the collection. Here, you’ll find the works of Detroit’s femme fatale and punk icon, Niagara, celebrated lowbrow “B-Culturalist,” Glenn Barr, as well as nationally and internationally acclaimed artists like Mark Dancey and Jeff Shea, whose works have been featured in shows and installations worldwide as well as in Detroit's own "Dirty Show" and "Chopper Show" exhibitions.

There are no defined genres at The Padded Cell. This diversified collection is a literal amalgam where Rodeo Drive meets Woodward Avenue. The result? High-end flavors that meld with the grit, sweat and muscle that define Detroit.


 “Super swanky industrial chic purses.”



“Forget Kelly bags as a status symbol, these steel and aluminum handbags are a work of art.”



“Skilled in their work with gold and precious gems as they are with making hip, custom designed handbags.”


 “Absolutely fabulous.”



“For patrons who are undaunted by avant-garde designs”


“Soft high sheen of beautiful luxury”


“Easily the area's most avant-garde metalsmiths.”


 “The kind of jewelry one might expect in New York.”


 “A fashion metaphor for straddling the end of the twentieth century and the dawn of the new.”